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Publishing posts on a regular base seems to be harder than i thought. My Connections tour is almost finished. I’ve travelled from the middle of nowhere to paradise, all by bus. Exellent.
The next two days we are staying in Byron Bay, according to the manager of our ‘bungalowpark’, a partytown. Seems to me it’s a hippietown. Tomorrow I will risk my reputation of elegance (ahum) and get myself onto a surfboard. To keep my coolness i’ll need superdupercool Billabong flipflops. This brand seems to be the hype all over Queensland.
There is an option of skydiving that appeals to a lot of people but not to me. Not just because I’m scared but also because you lose a ridiculous amount of money doing this. This is the weakness of the tour, most activities and a lot of meals are not included in the tour so you have to pay extra for them.
But still, it’s amazing to be able to see half a continent in just 19 days. You have to make sacrifices then. I can’t go photographing in ghetto’s, as Allen our tourguide seems to think I love to do.
Hopefully it will be a bit warmer tomorrow so I won’t go freezing in my stingsuit. The closer we get to Sydney, the colder…


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