Cultuur, Op reis

And so our Connections tour comes to an end. Arriving in Sydney we go our own ways. Mine is to the Nomads Maze hostel. My travel agency booked me there for 6 nights, after one I left and went to the Wake Up where most of my tour-friends are staying. At least you don’t find shaved hair in the hallway in the middle of the night here, locks on the doors are working, people are friendly and helpfull and the building is not falling apart.
On our first day we went to the Opera house -ofcourse- and the Botanic Gardens. Finally a day to relax and do things at your own paste without tourguides threatening to leave us behind. At night the Side bar at our hostel serves delicious and cheap food, a bit later chairs are removed and you are kind of obliged to move your ass and dance. Good times. A walk to the harbour gets us extremely tired and I (am not so glad to) get into bed at the Maze.

Today is fishy day. The aquarium is an absolute must on your to do list. The big aquarium where you can walk underneath the water in tubes is amazing, just like walking between sharks and stingrays. After that we climb the tower of the Harbour Bridge because ze don’t really feel like spending 100$ on climbing the actual bridge. Unfortunatly the sun does not keep on shinging and as I go to the docks it starts pouring rain, my white-dot-umbrella breaks down and I get soaking wet.

I’m hoping for some nice weather tomorrow to go to the blue mountains.


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